Alan Scott forged his own power ring from a lantern that contained an extra-terrestrial mystical power, unlike the other Green Lantern Corps. members, who were chosen by their powers rings. #greenlantern #justiceleague #comics #dccomics #interesting #fact #facts #trivia #superheroes #memes #1

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Power Ring Kit

Green Lantern Power Ring Kit For one, every Green Lantern Power Ring Kit has a mini book full of the history of the Green Lantern (along with some key

A new take on the Sinestro Corps power rings from DC Comics Green Lantern. Modeled and rendered with Lightwave.

Rendering of a ring based on the Green Lantern power rings from DC Comics. Software: Modeled and rendered with Newtek Lightwave The Red Ring The Orange Ring The Yellow Ring The Green Ring The.

DC Fan Arts #251

"Power Ring" sponsored by SpawnofOmega for Roysovitch's project.Concept/Design by Roy Westerman Character Owned by DC ComicsFB .

Sometimes I wished when chris proposes to me its with the power ring. And give me the real ring at the wedding.

Lantern Power Rings: Pink (love) Purple (compassion) Blue (hope) Green (willpower) Black (death) Red (rage) Orange (avarice) Yellow (fear) Not shown: White (life)

The Power Ring () derived from Power Ring in Green Lantern Rebirth

Black as night updated version now have green on that, it's Green Lantern Inspired Green Blackest Night Style Silver Power Ring , made from Sterling Silver and highly polished. Best looking Green Lantern Jewelry.

How to Make a Green Lantern Ring- Including a Glowing Version!

Here's how to make your own resin cast Green Lantern ring.This a complete overhaul of my original instructable on how to make a Green Lantern ring, which previously.