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Funko pop heroes dc universe green lantern vinyl bobble head figure variant

Green Lantern Pop Heroes Vinyl Figure based on the greatest Green Lantern ever, Hal Jordan! From DC Comics.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan Immortalized To Defend Sector 2814 -  #dc #greenlantern #sideshowcollectibles

Green Lantern Hal Jordan Immortalized To Defend Sector 2814

Head sculpt for Sideshow's Hal Jordan Green Lantern scale Premium Format statue. Head sculpt = Walter O'Neal Figure and base sculpt = Pablo Viggiano Studios, with additional work by Whitney Mitchell Hal Jordan, Green Lantern © DC Comics

Mod your green lantern movie ring and make it glow

Mod Your Green Lantern Movie Ring and Make It Glow!

Mod movie prop GL ring to make it glow - not that we need a green lantern ring, but the same concepts could be used for making iron man accessories like the bracelets from the movies, or repulsors, or little lights in those rocket boots mar leena wants.

Green Lantern Life-Size Bust was released in May 2014 by Sideshow Collectibles. It was available as a limited edition of 3500 pieces online for $679.99.

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Green Lantern Light-Up Ring

Green Lantern Light-Up Ring

Best bros. :D Green Lantern & The Flash. Hal Jordan & Barry Allen

Pals for life-from the Crisis to the Blackest Night and everything in between, before and after!