Another color you don,t see on roses. I love the idea of a green rose. I would love a bush or bundle of these . They would be lovely !!

"giving the colour of peace,colour of my national flag <# :) Rare Green Rose. Do you love unusual roses

Green Rose Flower

~~Violet Rose ~~ This can't be its real color but still love the photo

this is so cool. it even looks real

New amazing flowers pics every day, be the first to see them! Fantastic flowers will make your heart open.

Mint Green Rose, nature knows what it's doing!

"I planted some mint green roses when we first moved into our home in I loved them.never seen green roses before.


Green Roses

The most popular meaning of the green rose is that of fertility,In popular culture, the color green is often considered aphrodisiac.

This must be the St. Patrick's rose, which starts off greenish & then turns yellow- it's unique.

Organic and eco certified green roses or chartreuse roses are a rare sight in nature, and this makes them even more desirable as gifts - Perfect as wedding flowers, get well gifts or for St Patrick's Day.

The green rose. This is gorgeous. My Mamaw had a rose like this for years when I was a kid. This is the first one I've seen like it since. They remind me of lemon lime!

This green rose represents the distant and minute light Gatsby worships, symbolising the impossibility of Daisy's true love to him.

♡☼⁀⋱‿✿★☼⁀ ♡ Me recordo de cada flor que veio à tona só porque tive coragem de cuidar da semente. Só porque não me acovardei, mesmo que tantas vezes com todo medo do mundo. - Ana Jácomo

A Explosiva Era do Jazz

Wonderful green glass vase and white roses are uplifting. I'd love it in the emerald room.

Lime Green Roses - Bing Images

Rose With Water Droplets - Purple Photograph - Rose With Water Droplets - Purple Fine Art Print