If my future husband doesnt get emotional when he sees me all dressed up...i'm walking out

45 Emotional Grooms' Reactions

Grooms' Reaction to Seeing Their Brides. If my groom doesn't react like one of these then we're going to have some problems

When grooms cry, I cry. First looks are always a highlight of the wedding day for me. Emotional Grooms' Reactions - Wedding-Day First Look

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So sweet! This groom was completely overcome with emotion as he watched his bride walk down the aisle.

Listening to Speeches An image of you two listening to your families and friends' toasts is sometimes even more meaningful than a photo of the speaker.

26 Must-Have Wedding Photos You Don’t Want to Miss

If you want to see his reaction and capture it up close, consider a first look.

50 Sweet Wedding Photos That Will Make You Cry

This picture is just beautiful.modest dress, beautiful bride, and the look on his face is perfect. Really looks like he treasures her :) Literally wedding goals right here!

Although "first look" photo sessions are growing in popularity, plenty of couples still choose to save that special moment for the walk down the aisle. Judging from these photos, it's easy to see why! From adoring gazes to emotional breakdowns, here are our favorite reactions from grooms seeing their brides for the first time during the wedding ceremony.

45 Emotional Grooms' Reactions

This is the only picture that will ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BE TAKEN at my wedding. when the groom sees the bride in her dress on their wedding day for the first time. I want this reaction on my day.