Afternoon Sun, Lake Superior by Lawren Harris, 1924

Monday's Muse: Lawren Harris

Afternoon Sun, North Shore, Lake Superior Lawren S. Harris 1924 x cm oil on canvas National Gallery of Canada (no.

Tom Thompson (Group of Seven) - "West Wind"

The West Wind, winter 1916 - 1917 Tom Thomson (Canadian) Painting, oil on canvas, x cm

A Canadian landscape by group of seven artist Lawren Harris.

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After the original sevens last exhibition in 1931, a new group � The Canadian Group of Painters) was formed with Jackson and Lismer as the two mentors. Description from I searched for this on

Snow in the Canadian Landscape

Espejo del lago por Franklin Carmichael, 1929.

Landscape Paintings to Inspire Your Art During the Summer Season

Lawren Harris, Shimmering Water, Algonquin Park

Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris Shimmering water Algonquin Park, Canadian Group of Seven artists

canadian painters group of seven | Lawren Harris is 'most people's favourite member of the Group of Seven ...

Rockies scene by Group of Seven's Lawren Harris for auction