Split-Dyed Hair

25 Amazing Blue and Purple Hair Looks

What better way to give yourself a brand new hair look than by changing the color entirely. These 25 amazing blue and purple hair looks are perfect!

WEBSTA @ four_theloveofdogs - I LOVE that my stylist isn't afraid to try new bold things with me. It took 4 long hours to go from purple to split silver   black... and I LOVE everything about it!! @mickidney game is on point!  Give her a follow for more hair inspiration! : @mickidney #mysilverlining #notadogpost

Instagram Post by Jessie H. (@four_theloveofdogs)

Half blue half purple hair

Half blue half purple hair almost like Harleyqueen or something but a bright sunshiny person

Then... theres my sister. Half sister. We were close when we were young, but Persephone... changed her."

20 Chicas que te servirán de inspiración para tener un cabello bicolor

More cruella de chic dyspnoeic: victoriashaunting: Finally fur coat weather Ughhhh you’re such a babe

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