i owned every single halo except ODST and i love halo reach... of couse not as much as halo 4...

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emile always said, " if you run out of ammo, theres always a plan b (your knife). he is a sick spartan in the noble team.

Halo Reach - Noble Six \ Multiplayer Spartans by lemon100.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

♪Oscillian - Acheron DreamsHalo Reach - Noble Six \ Multiplayer SpartansThanks a lot Kuro and Sundownsyndrome! Halo Reach - Noble Six \ Multiplayer Spartans

Halo Reach

Remember Reach

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Reach was the game Eden and Aaron would play while they were stuck in his house when she was visiting him in Aussieland

Not long before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved, the Covenant attacked the UNSC planet Reach, glassing it as Ma.

Halo Reach Emile Cosplay

Halo Reach Emile Cosplay

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emile y spartan juntos en la ultima batalla del reach

two of my faviourite spartans from halo reach emile and the main character Noble 6 RIP both of you :(