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“Stitches” Printable Hand-Lettering Exemplar

Ready for a creative challenge? Try writing using “Stitches” lettering! The letters in this hand-lettering style “stitch” together and feature accent dots to ensure plenty of visual interest.

Free Basic Hand-Lettering Exemplar {Stitches Style}

Free Basic Hand-Lettering Exemplar {Stitches Style

The artist of this piece is Francie Bredeson. She hand drew the letters out in a very unique way. There is a certain warmth about letters which are hand drawn and these definitely have that. #handlettering

"Kersal Exemplars" The letters are formed using a few basic shapes. Then squiggles and dots are added, or the letter gets put into a diamond or box shape, with portions sticking out.

Morgan Style Free Hand-Lettering Exemplar

Morgan Style Free Hand-Lettering Exemplar

Today& free printable hand-lettering exemplar is the result of requests I received after writing the Lettered Handmade Birthday Card Tutorial last month.

This is great for art journaling... and this particular lettering style made easier by using watercolor pencils!

I like the shading behind the letters in this example // Exemplars for Lettering Journal March 2006

Check out 6 different techniques you can use to add shading and pop to your brush calligraphy with this tutorial by @PrettyPrintsandPaper

6 Ways to Shade Your Lettering

Creative Lettering: 6 Ways to Shade Your Lettering. Try these 6 ideas for how you can add some pop to your lettering with different shading techniques! Add color and creative style to your bullet journal, scrapbook, planner or project.