I love this piece of art as it shows the variation of hands that have been sketched. The effect of this in the format of a sketch book is that you can experiment in lots of different ways on one page to show the reader or the observer how many different techniques have been used to achieve the final piece.

Future Play and storyboard art is something that I have been wanting to get involved in for a while. I hope, one day, to turn my passion for art into a career of my own. The type of play depicted is "The Artist".

drawing hands reaching ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Grade forget to add a drawing of your hands. You may draw from a photo or draw your left hand using your right hand and vice versa! Look at the direction your fingers are going, not just the outline.

Please, for any shares outside deviantart of my drawings put in the post the source link. Thank you. it.pinterest.com/stefanolanzad… stefanolanza.tumblr.com/

possibly doing a magic trick/ casting spell. once again, interesting hand perspective.

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Academic drawing - contour lines _ thinking lines _ decision lines _ hatching and cross hatching - but are there any cross contour lines ?

my hand by indiart3612.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I saw a sketch of two people holding hands. It was so beautiful, i fell in love with it. When i saw this, is kind of reminded me of the other picture.