Happy hangover everyone! …

Did you enjoy last night? Happy Hangover

The best cure for a hangover. #funny #haha #truth

I used to be able to booze for 18 hours straight, put cocaine directly into my butthole, and then wake up and play basketball. Now I have 4 drinks and I wake up looking like Tom Hanks in the last 20 minutes of "Philadelphia.

Pics to describe being hungover

You’ll start to notice how cruel and harsh the world is. 17 Pictures That Are Too Real For Anyone Who's Ever Been Hungover .

This just happened in one of my classes this week. I didn't laugh.

Group Projects, so true. And as the Bradley Cooper of most groups, I really hate group work; It may as well just be an independent assignment, that way I can do it exactly the way I want.

Make your bed every (!) day (!). | 17 Ways To Make Your Bed The Coziest Place On Earth

Make your bed every (!) day (!).


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Worse than the hangover

Worse than the hangover

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