Hannibal & Will Graham: "I would remember this time."

Hannibal and Will Graham, Dolce "If I saw you every day forever, Will, I would remember this time.

Hannibal Lecter

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Hannibal Lecter for fans of Hannibal TV Series images.

#ThisisMyDesign - Nice artwork inspired by #Hannibal series

Poster Design inspired by the Hannibal TV series. Featuring a Bloody RavenStag with Will Graham's signature line. Size: Printed on: Glossy card stock paper. Artist signature upon request! *Actual product will not have watermark stamped over image.

Hannibal by on @deviantART

neruteru: “ The season finale left a large void in my heart… SPOILERS (I THINK): im like fuck you hannibal, fuck you fbi blond oldie, fuck you unloaded pistol, fuck everything, omg bedannibal (i.