How perfect is that? <------ not as perfect as if she would've been wearing a more comic accurate outfit... but pretty good!

Harley Quinn- "Sad Harley, bad Harley, she just wanna play. Crazy Harley, sexy Harley, Where's you Mr.

Finally saw this last night and just love my queen Harley even that much more now ❤️️

One hot meme

Harley Quinn & The Joker More/ who else thinks that Margo Robbie would make a great Aelyn Galathinius?

Bajo la misma locura :P                                                                                                                                                     Más

Joker and Harley Quinn A Fault in our Scars Art Print

You taught me how to love, you loved me and helped me love my self. From day one I knew I loved you, that's why I'm not letting go. Your everything

Amazing *-* (I wonder why some fan arts don't picture Harley with her bleached skin. Maybe it's a rebellion against the new 52 Hauahsuahusha. But either way, the movie Harley was perfect and had bleached skin 👀. Don't mind me, I'm just babbling)

Since when is Harley Quinn a Tattoo Artist

I love how Margot Robbie came onto set one day with a tattoo gun n was like were all gettin tattoos. N opened up Harleys tattoo parlor