Oliver Queen and his ladies! #Arrow Ollie, Diggle, Felicity & Helena

Arrow - Felicity, Helena & Oliver "How many girlfriends do u have exactly.

‘Orphan Black’: Creator Graeme Manson on that shocking clone reunion | EW.com

'Orphan Black': Creator Graeme Manson on that shocking clone reunion

"Gavin, where'd you fucking get that?!" "Don't worry about it." "Do you even know how to use it?!?" "Absolutely!" [aims and hits geoffs wall, dead center of an old picture] "okay, I'll give you that."

Corrie looked at the bow on the floor. Every thought of her brought a shot of pain into her heart. Allison was like a big sister to her.

ch: can't i be strong and go to prom?

"I'm uh, pretty good with a bow and arrow, dunno my old foster family used to take me hunting and this was the only thing I was good with.

Arrow - Helena Bertinelli Inspired Outfit by staystronng on Polyvore featuring polyvore fashion style Object Collectors Item Bamboo Arrow helenabertinelli

A fashion look from December 2014 featuring Object Collectors Item sweaters and Bamboo ankle booties.