hemlock grove cast - new favorite. My friend forced me to watch it at a sleepover. I said it was stupid. She woke up and I was on episode 8 out of 13.

The cast of Hemlock Grove: Freya Tingley as Christina Wendell, Landon Liboiron as Peter Rumancek, Penelope Mitchell as Letha Godfrey, and Bill Skarsgård as Roman Godfrey

Smart ladies love dumb TV, Hemlock Grove recap, episodes 8-10 |

Previously on Hemlock Grove, Shelley came home, Miranda and the boys had a threesome but then she stole the baby, Norman learned about Olivia, and we decided that Andreas is our favorite (good job …

Oh hemlock grove lol

Yeah, Christina was a weird kid. She ended up being the Vargulf in season

‘Hemlock Grove’ Season 2 Gets A New Shelly [Netflix] | WebProNews

'Hemlock Grove' Season 2 Gets A New Shelly [Netflix]

Shelley Godfrey without her wig on, played by Nicole Boivin - Hemlock Grove season

Hemlock Grove // Roman Godfrey // Bill Skarsgård // Peter Rumancek // Landon Liboiron

Hemlock Grove (aka The Peter And Roman Show). Roman Godfrey (Bill Skarsgård) and his best bud, Peter Rumancek (Landon Liboiron).