Having a hard time teaching your kids to come up with their OWN questions using Bloom's Taxonomy? Use this handout to help remind them! I accompanied the handout in my third grade classroom with posters showing each level on the same colors as the handout in a vertical line.

Are Your Questions H.O.T.? Common Core Higher Level Thinking Question Stems

FREEBIE! Higher Order Thinking Question Stem Cards  - Asking higher order thinking (HOT) questions encourages higher order thinking. HOT question stem cards are a powerful way to enable students to ask and answer their own questions. These cards sets were just what my class needed to empower their thinking to new heights. They work well for pairs of students or small groups.

Higher Order Thinking Question Stems

These cards can be used in small groups or in partners. They have questions on them that help implement HOT.

H.O.T. / D.O.K.: Teaching Higher Order Thinking and Depth of Knowledge: Let's Make a D.O.K.! A Game Show Approach to Depth of Knowledge

: Teaching Higher Order Thinking and Depth of Knowledge: What Exactly Is the Thinking Curriculum?

Jennifer's Teaching Tools: Guided Reading...for those high readers!

Higher order thinking questions after reading - Jennifer's Teaching Tools: Guided Reading.for those high readers!

Bloom's Taxonomy: critical thinking questions

Details about NEW SCHOOL CLASSROOM POSTER - Questions for Building Your Brainpower

Questions: Building the Foundation for Critical Thinking Language Arts Writing PosterEnvy Poster - Common Core Standards & National Curriculum Frameworks

Reading Response Questions and Response Pages...perfect for monitoring comprehension during independent reading! Freebie!

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! Fourth and Ten: My Fourth Grade Homework Routine

This product contains 6 different posters for each level of Bloom's Taxonomy. On each poster there is a list of the common verbs that are associated with each level of thinking.  On each poster there is a visual to show the students how much "brain power" it requires to answer questions with the given verbs.

Higher Order Thinking Posters based on Bloom's Taxonomy

"Thick and Thin" Questioning that complements Question Answer Relationships (QAR), reciprocal teaching and more.

"Thick and Thin" (thick being Higher Order Thinking Questions and Thin being surface-Right There Questions)Questioning that complements Question Answer Relationships (QAR), reciprocal teaching and more.