Hillary Rodham Clinton, 1978.  LOOK AT THOSE PANTS!   :-0

21 Glorious Vintage Photos Of Kids Having Fun Before The Internet

Hillary Clinton in 1969 Class leader Hillary Rodham of Wellesley College talking about student protests which she supported in her commencement speech.

[002] Annie Leibovitz (77 photos)                                                                                                                                                     More

[002] Annie Leibovitz (77 photos)

As a child, Hillary Clinton wrote to NASA inquiring on how to become an astronaut - NASA replied, saying girls could not be astronauts.

Les stars enfants : c’est pas toujours glam

BRAVO chère Hillary, quelle détermination à un âge si précoce. Young Hillary Clinton wrote to NASA as a child asking what she needed to do to become an astronaut. NASA wrote back that there would never be a female astronaut.

bill + hill 1982 Such a wonderful photograph!!! Hillary for President 2016!!!!!!!

Hillary and former Gov. Bill Clinton celebrate his victory in the Democratic runoff in June 1982 in Little Rock, Ark. Clinton defeated former Lt.

hillary clinton

Hillary Rodham (before Clinton of course) at Lake Waban on the Wellesley College Campus, - Wellesley College Archives

Yep, Hillary Clinton was absolutely a college kid of the 1960's.

13 Awesome Vintage Photos Of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, 1969 | LIFE in 2012: The Year in 12 Galleries | LIFE.com

LIFE in 2012: The Year in 12 Galleries

Back When The Clintons Looked Cool. Before the Clinton Foundation and the State Department, before losing to Barack and getting impeached, before the White House and saxophone solos, before the governor's mansion and Chelsea, the Clintons looked, well, pretty damn cool. With their short shorts, thick frames and shaggy locks, they're as quintessential to the '70s as the Kennedys were to the '60s, sartorially speaking.

Back When The Clintons Looked Cool

abbyrae: “retrogasm: “ Bill Clinton & Hillary playing volleyball in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA, ” Hillary, such a babe.

See Rare Photos of a Young Hillary Clinton

See Rare Photos of a Young Hillary Clinton