Zoo Party: Hippo Cake - easy enough for me to make. Baby shower- of it's a girl do a pink back ground if it's a guy keep it blue!

Hippo cake (pic only) I feel like I could make this with a couple of round cakes and maybe mini donuts cut at an angle for the nostrils.

hippo just for you @Megan Ward Ward Hall :)

layer of blue cupcakes, with hippo cupcakes on top, to look like hippo coming out of water. Doughnuts for nose Perfect bday Cake for Meghan!

Made this cake for the birthday boy today.

Coolest Hippo Head Cake

Homemade Hippo Head Cake: This Hippo head cake looks like a lot of work but it's really easy to make. My 12 year old daughter Alivia loves hippos. She has very large hippo collection.

Hippo cake topper - fondant hippo by Sweet & Snazzy

Not actual hippo meat that would be cruel I would be mad Ikne time I want to a zoo got to meet a hippo. named it Gloria:) this posts credit goes to sweet and snazzy:)


Hippo Cake Idea: Tiffany blue stripes, elephant in same grey shade with blue balloon Mehr