Because ruining just one hipster quote is too mainstream.

I love it when hipster photos are ruined. This makes me happy cause I hate stupid quotes

I can't get over the fact that earth is the only place an average human being can be. And I can't wait until its possible for me to explore the world that earth contains in it's inner beauties.

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I shall tell this to my kids every night before they sleep when I adopt them when I'm twenty and I shall call one Cariad and the other Lapushka! (Cariad is a term of endearment in Wales and Lapushka is term of endearment in Russia!

— a thank-you note to the universe // poetry by noor unnahar ?// journaling journal ideas inspiration, words quotes handwritten writing female writers of color women pakistani artist poetic artsy, t (Try Inspiration)

I feel the worst when I'm alone because that's when the monsters in my head say hello.

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