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History of Wine Timeline (Infographic

This History of Wine timeline infographic highlights some of the most notable moments in wine history. From the earliest wine grapes in existence to what the wine world is like today,

La historia de las botellas de vino - A history of wine bottles!

The 8,000 Year History Of Wine Transport And Storage

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History of Wine Infographic. This is the kind of history lesson we like here at WineShop At Home!

Natural History of Wine Book | Great Reads for Wine Geeks

Great Reads for the Wine Geek

WineSur made infographics about this variety’s development in Argentina, from the moment when the Hungarian nursery owner named Malbek planted the first vine in France, to its arrival in the country, where the grape found the ideal soil, climate and potentiality to become the emblematic variety.

Brief history of malbec « Winesur. My FAVORITE wine as of right now.

The History of Absinthe Infographic. Nice to see something like this being mostly accurate: there is a lot of misinformation elsewhere!

The history of Absinthe Absinthe come from the Latinh word "absinthium"meaning wormwood. Absinthe is herbal spirit,tipically of green color. The basic ingredients of authentic Absinthe are wormwood( artemisia absinthium),green anise fennel.

Tread the timeline of our favourite beverage with our History of Beer! https://alehorn.com                                                                                                                                                      More  #craftbeer #beer

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

The History Of Wine Timeline: How Wine Colonized The World --- The time line created by the team of VinePair offers information from 4100 B.C. with the oldest winery to now. The timeline takes the audience all around the world showing how wine has been found everywhere, "except Antarctica". We can see wine and wineries being found in Egypt, Greece, South America, Protuguese, Spain, South Africa, France, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and many other places.

The History Of Wine Timeline

Ptolemy's world map, reconstituted from Ptolemy's Geographia (circa indicating "Sinae" (China) at the extreme right, beyond the island of "Taprobane" (Sri Lanka, oversized) and the "Aurea Chersonesus" (Southeast Asian peninsula).

All About Chateauneuf du Pape Guide Best Wine Character Style History

Merlot Wine Grapes, Flavor, Character, History, Wine Food Pairing Tips

The 8,000 Year History Of Wine Transport And Storage | VinePair

The 8,000 Year History Of Wine Transport And Storage

Read the year history of how we store and transport wine around the world, from clay amphora to the wooden barrel to giant plastic Flexitanks.

Wine is a beverage that's been shaped both by innovation and fashion over the course of several thousand years. You can learn a lot about how life must have been by understanding how wine has changed over the course of history. #wine #wineeducation

A Brief Illustrated History of Wine

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