V-Bar Retro Cocktail Bar - Zodiac Burgundy & Silver Naugahyde with Glacier Boomerang Formica - Polished Aluminum Trim - Plenty of Storage - Made in USA

The V-Bar Retro Home Cocktail Bar

V-Bar Retro Cocktail Bar - Zodiac Burgundy & Silver Naugahyde with Glacier Boomerang Formica - Polished Aluminum Trim - Plenty of Storage - Made in USA

"The retro tradition of the cocktail hour is making a comeback, and a bar cart makes for a chic way to present everything." -Nicole Gibbons

A Newer, Way Cooler Home Bar Stash Would Include...

I love the look of a well-appointed bar. Particularly in the city, few people have the space for a luxurious built-in home bar. A great bar cart is a classic alternative and a stylish addition to any interior, large or small.

Vintage Retro Cocktail Bars From Retroandvintagefurniture.Retro Bar-Vintage Bar-From Hamilton OxFord Brighton-Vintageandretrofurniture

Vintage Retro Cocktail Bar (from Retroandvintagefurniture.Retro Bar-Vintage Bar-From Hamilton OxFord Brighton-Vintageandretrofurniture)


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The Essential Home Bar Checklist

Everything you need for an amazing home bar. The essential home bar checklist. Be sure to check out our DRINK LOCAL prints, a perfect accessory to that new home bar of yours.

I want to talk to you today about bar cart styling but first a bit of psychology. You know those silly online tests you can take to determine whether you are more 'right-brained' or 'left-brained'? I always come out nearly equal - 50% left brain, 50% right brain. Not that I give those kinds of tests…

My Formula For Styling a Bar Cart

The essential elements for creating the perfect bar cart style - it really just comes down to 8 things! Check out the post here for the easiest way to style your bar cart or drinks trolley!

Cantilevered Restaurant Overhangs A Canyon In Mexico Tall Arquitectos designed Biré Bitori, a luxury diner and cocktail bar located above the stunning Copper Canyon in Mexico. This wonderful place.

Bar Cart // vatten med färg för dekoration

The bar cart has become an essential in my entertaining style. What’s better than a trendy, transportable cocktail centerpiece that creates an instant party wherever you go? A bar cart .


Hos folk – Karoline de la Concha

Modern apartment with a vintage touch. An antique bar cart to hold drinks and supplies.

Veckans läsarhem: Lampor i fokus i Lund - Hus & Hem

Lovely little Corner - hats as hanging lamps add a lyrical light mood to a cozy seating area with bar car, round rattan chair with with white fur throw, and abstract painting. Casinha colorida: Uma casa eclética e familiar na Escandinávia

beautiful styled bar cart

beautiful styled bar cart

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12 Best Bar Cart Ideas - How To Make Diy Custom Bar Cart