I would love to have my own bees. These bee hive systems seem like a great way to do it. Flow Hive allows honey to be harvested on tap, which is easier for humans to harvest, and less stressful and harmful to bees.

This infographic from BogglingFacts features 10 fascinating Honey Bee facts you didn’t know including the hierarchy of a honey bee hive. It details the physical characteristics of the bee, shows the component parts of honey and products that the bees make

A Look Inside a New Honey Bee Hive

Someday i will have my own bee hive! a look inside a honey bee hive- amazing pictures of the life cycle of a honey bee inside our bee hives!

Honey bees for sale in Virginia. We sell honey bees, delicious raw honey, woodenware and beekeeping supplies in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Stop by today and let's talk bees. Let me help you start your beekeeping career.

Where to Put Your Beehive - Choosing A Good Hive Location

Find the best place for your new bee hive. Hive placement is key to having a healthy honey bee colony - Beekeeper Charlotte/ Carolina Honeybees

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Flowhive: honey on tap! A new beehive that automatically extracts honey without disturbing bees

8 Things to Consider Before Diving Into Honey Bees

Is beekeeping for you? 8 things to consider before diving into beekeeping

How Do Honey Bees Survive the Winter?

Honey bees remain active during the cold, winter months. It requires a team effort to survive freezing temperatures. Learn how honey bees keep warm in the winter.