Heating and Cooling with a Solar Chimney

Heating and Cooling with a Solar Chimney. When venting house, hot air is sucked out from under ceiling and fresh air enters house at floor level.

Muchas veces tenemos un espacio exterior que queremos aprovechar pero no está techado y ya no es bueno para disfrutar de la vida al aire libre. Este espaci

Learn how to build a outdoor pergola or wooden pergola for your garden with this professional pergola plans. If you build pergola in backyard patio you will see

Ninguna planta puede vivir sin unos mínimos cuidados, agua y luz fundamentalmente, pero sí es cierto que algunas plantas necesitan muchos menos cuidados que otras. Cubiertas esas necesidades mínimas, estas 19 plantas de interior sin mantenimiento apenas nos necesitarán para nada. Podemos cultivarlas en nuestra casa sin tener que estar encima de ellas ni preocuparnos por ellas en semanas.  1.- El bambú de la suerte, que es en realidad una Dracaena, sólo necesita agua y luz, de ésta última se…

19 plantas de interior sin mantenimiento

These 19 Easiest Houseplants are perfect for lazy, busy and newbies, who want to plant easy indoor plants that grow with minimal care.

Drought Tollerant Border & Garden Yard Inspitation For Hot Climates…

Desert Gardening in the Southwest -

Tem um espacinho sobrando no jardim? já pensou em ter uma horta com estufa, olha como é simples de produzir uma desta para a sua casa! Venha para a Construcon que podemos te ajudar a construir uma destas!

Elevate Your Garden Style With A DIY Raised Planter

Raised Planter - hinged lid allows for quick access, as well as easy venting. Hoop house plastic can be rolled up in the summer to keep rain off tomatoes, or removed entirely during the hot months.

Learn more about ** How to Make an Interesting Art Piece Using Tree Branches | eHow

180 Perennials that Do Well in Shade (A to Z)

Farmhouse Kitchen 21 #shabbychichomesfarmhousestyle

Farmhouse Kitchen 21 #shabbychichomesfarmhousestyle

The Oast House in Spinningfields, Manchester.

stone gem thrown among glass houses of Spinningfields...

Nestled among the glacial shimmering of the financial districts glass and steel superstructures, this quaint throwback is a much more natural affair – brick, stone and wood all come together to create a homely and pleasantly comforting building.

Plunge Pools You’ll Never Want To Leave | ComfyDwelling.com#plunge #pools #NeverWantToLeave

Not every backyard or garden can allow accommodating a big pool but there’s a good solution in this case – a plunge pool. Plunge pools are big enough for you.

Haré uno asi :)

20 fantásticas ideas para decorar tu casa con piedras de río

DIY pebble mat ~ I need to make a front door mat. Mod podge to make stones glossy and waterproof :)

Dollar store plates and cups turned into a cupcake stand.

25 Great DIY Home Crafts Tutorials

DIY cake stands: find plates, glasses & candlesticks in thrift stores to make great dessert stands.