So many great things about the Harry Potter Universe. It was my childhood.SHE SHOULD'VE WRITTEN A MAGICAL CHILD THAT WAS THE CHILD OF DUDLEY!!!!

So many great things about the Harry Potter Universe. It was my childhood. Killed me. I wish she wrote Dudley into the epilogue because him having a magical child would be so amazing

I should do this

Hpotterfacts Part Two.

Harry Potter Facts By dialing on the cell phone on J. Rowling's official website, you are awarded with special content.

Harry Potter Facts Part 5

Harry Potter Facts 5 on this one is wrong, but the rest of the facts are great. (New person): James WAS a Chaser in the BOOKS.

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Some HP facts I actually didn't know!<------ Like I so did not know Dumbledore was gay! What were the signs and how did I miss them the billion times I've read the books and watched the movies?

I would have liked to see that. It would have been funny. And id did not know he was actually underwater in that scene.

Harry potter facts - Daniel Radcliffe - I would have loved to have seen this. there again thumbs up for im 'drowning' isnt the best signal haha

Harry Potter Facts Part 7. the last one is about Nearly Headless Nick, it was cut off :(

Harry Potter Facts Part -Erm. Just realized half of 7 was cut off. It was about Nearly Headless Nick if you didn't catch on to that one. As you may have rea harry potter facts Part seven

Harry Potter facts part 1 (for those looking)                                                                                                                                                     More

Here Are The Harry Potter Facts 1-9 In One Post


Harry Potter Facts

That number 2 fact is breaking my heart (Snape + Lily forever!) Now, if only I could figure out what had to happen for Harry/Hermione to occur.(NOT MY CAPTION BUT TRUE)


Harry Potter Facts.2