Hulk 3

INCREDIBLE HULK #3 .....this Hulk looks awesome!!!

I should get back in shape then cosplay as the hulk with a beard. But this requires.getting back in shape. O.o

I know someone that can do that to me, but also make me go the other way too..ah love!

So many hulk feels at the moment.

Funny pictures about When you meet the right woman. Oh, and cool pics about When you meet the right woman. Also, When you meet the right woman.

The Incredible Hulk 3 by ~MonsterPappa on deviantART

This is a scale (approximately inches tall) sculpture of The Incredible Hulk I did for Sideshow Collectibles. It will be released as a pre-painted statue (with real fabric pants), you can.

bulletin board ideas #board (board ideas)

27 DIY Cool Cork Board Ideas, Instalation & Photos

Pinning for friends in the superhero theme. Will hang up work once school starts. But for the opening of school, I changed the words to, "Our class is.INCREDIBLE" and had my students' names posted on the bulletin board.