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I Am Groot

Groot (Drawing by TeeTurtle) - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

www.thinkgeek.com I am Groot.

Groot and Rocket are friends. If you wear this shirt and head out near a dumpster, maybe you can find a raccoon friend, too!

Groot Tree Swing ----- I know, it's not a house, but it'd look perfect with a story book house. =)

Groot Tree Swing

Funny pictures about Groot Tree Swing. Oh, and cool pics about Groot Tree Swing. Also, Groot Tree Swing photos.

Dancing Groot

Dancing Groot (*Explosions in the background*) Basically me everyday, all I need is my tunes and I'm usually good 😊

Baby groot

As expected, Hot Toys has revealed their life-size Baby Groot action figure, and as well as being incredibly cute, it's by far one of their most detailed and realistic efforts to date.

Super heroes

Super heroes