For my sweet #Mom and #Dad xoxo. Missing you every day Aline ♥

It hurts everyday. The absence of someone who was once there. It hurts. Because you know they probably don't miss you at all.

Artwork by Sina_Veiga

A more recent poem I wrote. I miss my dad so very much and suicide leave so many unanswered questions. I wish this was all a nightm

Missing You Comes In Waves, Tonight I'm Drowning

Missing You Comes In Waves, Tonight I'm Drowning/ I guess your sleeping. Just wanted to say good night and I love you and miss you very very much.

We shared a dance one time I wish I would of paid more attention. Missing you today Dad...

will be a year since my father passed away. I have never experienced such pain in my heart. I miss his hugs and his silly sense of humor.

Heaven is beautiful but it's more pretty because it has my daddy in it I miss you daddy and I know that father is taking good care of you because he's the best and your the best gift that he gave me I love you I hope your having fun up there I miss you so much

hour ago Here are a few things to remind you that tomorrow is a new day don't dwell on what you couldn't yesterday.