Bleach ichigo and rukia

Bleach ichigo and rukia. Don't ship them sooo much but you know they're cute

Ichigo and Rukia. Dance With Snow White ❤                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Dance with Snow White by Johanna the Mad. I love the Dance with Snow White meme. It's amazing how the ichiruki fandom banded together so strongly after Bleach's last chapter.

Yes! Ichigo and Rukia forever! <3 I never really did like Hime. :P

It's a huge difference deal with it! Ichigo x rukia forever!

Bleach ep 342 - how it was by on @deviantART  Someday...

My ichiruki version XD Paint & Mouse Bleach (c) Kubo Tite Art by me Bleach ep 342 - how it was