Ichigo - Vasto Lorde by ~RomaniacC on deviantART

Vasto Lorde form (it's my favorite form ) Character: Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach Arrancar arc -------------------------------------------------------------. Transformations of Ichigo - Vasto Lorde form

Day 23- Favourite attack someone used in an anime. Getsuga Tensho by Ichigo, Bleach. I just love this move, and especially the final form.

is Radio, rediscovered - Songs to use on Amv Part 1 ( Anime Music Video) () by rebornpt

Yo tengo que limpiar el baño. Yo blanquean todo lo posible para que sea agradable, blanco y limpio.

Yeah, I remember his final fight with Aizen when he looked like this and I was hyperventilating because of all that awesomeness and hotness *w* - Kurosaki Ichigo