'Yes, I smile... But it doesn't mean that I'm fine.'

sometimes people think q as one laughs and shows a smile means q is fine but inside are really depressed about something people have miss them but in life erases traces in this life and the only thing you can do is forget q and move on with your life

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OMG, I wish I realized this about myself sooner. I would say this all the time and feel every emotion listed here

""Are you okay?"  "I'm FINE."   F-Faking a smile I-Insecure  N-Numb to everything  E-Emotionally unstable   At least I'm not lying"

My heart hurts. I'm not fine. I question my day to day actives and why I do them. I feel alone and unloved even though I have people around me who love me.

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Top 30 sad Quotes

Top Famous Sad Quotes In your happiness, you would always enjoy the beats of music, but in your sadness, you’ll pay attention to the lyrics.

"Are you okay?" - always the same question. "I'm fine." - always the same lie. Lupus/Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

'Are you okay?' Always the same question. 'I'm fine.' Always the same lie.

"Are you okay?" - always the same question. "I'm fine." - always the same lie. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) -> Bipolar, ADHD, and Anxiety

I totally hate it because then everyone is like "oh r u okay!!" And u have to buck up and act fine

If I cry in front of you, I'm really hurting. I HATE crying in front of people. I feel weak, like I"m begging for sympathy & that's not me.

I acted like it wasn't a big deal, when really it was breaking my heart #heartbreak #quotes

I acted like it wasn't a big deal, when really it was breaking my heart

Your inability to let go of your ex who has no second thought for you is killing me daily. You've already chosen her. I am the second choice. The after thought.


Depression support major so to my wonderful boyfriend! ryan, thank you so much for helping me and not rejecting me and always being here through everything! you have brought to much joy into my life, and i am forever thankful for that!


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If only anyone of this made sense to you.

I feel like this too. It feels like there’s a constant war inside of me where part of me wants to give up and self destruct but another part of me wants to be positive and keep fighting

Reminds me of one of my friends ..... Well I don't really think she's my friend she's just pretending..... :(

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