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StudioMH — Multi-Disciplinary Design & Illustration Studio › Angie Stewart Fitness - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!

brise-vue balcon naturel en graminées ornementales en bacs de bois                                                                                                                                                      Plus

Brise-vue balcon: idées originales en 28 photos sympas!

Pallet's For The Porch, Just Stand Pallet On Ends, Insert Long Tray Planters ideetje voor afscheiding met buren links?

Fleur de Vie — On considère la Fleur de Vie comme un symbole de géométrie sacrée

Flower of Life - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia --- and other geometric figures (note: read through ahead of time, go through and digest information to share with young ones; sit along-side older ones to discuss potential sensibility issues)

6 livres sur la permaculture à télécharger gratuitement! via @humanosphere

6 livres sur la permaculture à télécharger gratuitement!

Does anyone know of farms with a similar ambition of Geoff Lawton's Zaytuna Farm? (permaculture forum at permies)

Bruno Catalano sculptures surréalistes (4)

Sculptures Surréalistes à la recherche de leur Pièces Manquantes

Missing pieces - French artist Bruno Catalano displayed ten life-size, figurative sculptures at the port of Marseille. Inspired by travel, his surreal bronze sculptures represent a world citizen who’s in search of his or her own missing pieces.

wardrobe designs for attic bedroom - Google Search

Tips for Expert Home Improvement from Professional: Important Things about Loft Conversion

I love lofts! I'm not sure why but I like the irregular space lofts have, plus the privacy it.

The word otter derives from the Old English word otor or oter. This, and cognate words in other Indo-European languages, ultimately stem from the Proto-Indo-European language root *wódr̥, which also gave rise to the English word "water".

"I’m just saying, if seals are mermaid dogs then otters are definitely mermaid cats.

Aujourd'hui, on visite un intérieur vintage et coloré avec des plantes, du rotin, du pastel...un appartement plein de charme.

Un intérieur vintage et coloré

Earthship : Le vaisseau de la terre, la maison du futur

The schematic of this global model earthship shows an additional greenhouse that will provide greater temperature stabilization, which would.check out more earthships and passive houses.

These handmade and beautiful macrame plant hangers are made of a ecru colored natural cotton cord. The cotton cord is made of natural fibers and is 1/8 inch thick. I have searched long and hard to find the best cotton cord available, after trying every single supplier I have found a

Macrame Plant Hangers / 38 Inch / 1/8 inch Braided Cotton Cord

so pretty**:


I could dream forever of being snowed in this enchanting winter-land. I could actually finish my fairy tale on time. Kim Michele Ingram, Award Winning Author of In Search of the Secret Sanctuary