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wildlife photography

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Macro Photography - Still life - It caught my eye because the ladybird is focused and it's red body stands out.

Armadillidium vulgare: Photo by Photographer Igor Siwanowicz

Armadillo Bug, aka Pillbug, aka Roly-Poly, aka (don't ask me why) sow bug.

unusual insects...if you click on this one it will bring you to a site with more (unpin-able)

These fuzzy little cuties are Bombyliidae. The Bombyliidae are bee flies feeding on nectar and pollen, some being important pollinators.

25 Most Beautiful Macro Photographs for your inspiration - 10 Tips for Beginners. Follow us www.pinterest.com/webneel

100 Most Beautiful Macro Photography examples for your inspiration

Dew-tiful lady: A ladybird (not ladybug) covered in drops of dew walks across a shoot in Cadiz, Spain

Ladybird is the star of dewy photo shoot: Amateur snapper captures close-ups of bugs in his back garden

Runibia decorata (looks like a taxi bug)

Types of Bugs – While there have to do with 500 various species of bugs or insects, only three are in fact understood to feed on human beings. While crawlers, ants, and also flies are considered “residence bugs,” most home .

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See and Compare a Designed one as this with real One: Ceratophyus polyceros Pallas, 1771

Macro shots of insects eyes by Thomas Shahan, a photographer based in Oklahoma, USA.

Rainbow eyes, bug eyes, bug eyes with something looking like pupils in them, and more. Again, more helpful alien eye concepts.