Hubby is not on Pinterest, so he won't know that this will be a Christmas gift! iPhone Projector!

iPhone Projector

Interesting: iPhone projector-Watch movies and photo slides with your iphone on the wall. Would be cool when traveling to watch digital movies.

Turn a shoebox and magnifying glass into a smartphone projector. -- relates to the light topic at school - real vs virtual image

How to Turn a Cardboard Box into a Cheap DIY Smartphone Projector

Funny pictures about Homemade smartphone projector. Oh, and cool pics about Homemade smartphone projector. Also, Homemade smartphone projector.

The size of a cell phone, the projector connects directly to your iPod, iPhone or iPad (or, with an adapter, to a  laptop or digital camera). Aim it at a dark wall and view high-resolution photos, TV shows, sales graphs-Movies in your pocket!

The Movie Theater That Fits in Your Pocket

WOWee and MicroVision offer 200 inch viewing and 'booming sound' on your mobile -- Engadget

HDMI Pocket Projector for Smartphones and Tablets - Click image to find more Technology Pinterest pins

Go big or go home with this HDMI pocket projector. Compact, portable and rechargeable, the HDMI Pocket Projector is totally awesome!

Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro—200 Lumens from Brookstone

Compact 85 Lumen HD Pocket Projector - connects via HDMI to most smartphones, tablets, computers, video players, cameras and more from Brookstone

How to make your own smartphone projector... - The Meta Picture

How to make your own smartphone projector…

Funny pictures about How to make your own smartphone projector. Oh, and cool pics about How to make your own smartphone projector. Also, How to make your own smartphone projector.

How To Make Your Phone Into a Projector...this is a must works like a charm!

How To Make Your Phone Into a Projector

How To Make Your Phone Into a works like a charm! Backyard Movie Night maybe?

Smartphone Projector | 19 DIY Movie Night Ideas for Teens that will get the party started!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

19 DIY Movie Date Night Ideas at Home

finally a cheap iphone projector!!! This is my friends product she and her business group created!!!! Woohoo!!!! So awesome!!

PoP Video peripheral turns iPod touches and iPhones into pico projectors for $99

iPhone Projector Case by Texas Instruments and Brookstone: 15 lumen LED projection lamp capable of projecting a 50" image from 8' away with a 640 x 360 pixel native display resolution. Preorder for $230 plus s/h. #iPod_Projector #Brookstone #Texas_Instruments

Those shopping for or those interested in getting their hands on a pocket projector may want to take a look at the iPhone Pocket Projector case, which was a joint effort by both Texas Instruments and Brookstone. The iPhone Pocket […

¿Quieres que te dotemos de superpoderes para decorar tu hogar con nuestra…

21 Amazingly Easy 5 Minute DIY Projects

Turn Your Phone Into a Projector. Get an old shoe box cut a hole put a magnifying glass in it put your phone however close or far you want to make the picture on the wall big or small And watch whatever movie you want ;