Every Man Should Have a Dog (33 Photos) - Suburban Men - February 16, 2016

Every Man Should Have a Dog (33 Photos)

I can't help it, this Irish Wolfhound is so cool! Kruimel Irish Wolfhound in knit cap by Paul Croes.

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Someday I will own one of these dogs and look as bad a** as that chick. Now where does one find Irish wolf hounds?

There is absolutely no excuse why a breeder should not share these  certificates and the information they contain with you, other than to  either hide the results, or they don't test in the first place.  Heart test certificates are filled out by the qualified Veterinary  Cardiologist and given

Irish Wolfhound Puppies From Heart Tested Parents Only

Irish Wolfhound, top 10 biggest dog breeds

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Brendan, the Irish Wolfhound with his owner/breeder, Frank Winters, who is BTW! It really puts the breed's size into perspective! Brendan is about 180 pounds kg. I've always wanted an Irish Wolfhound!

irish wolfhound

irish wolfhound

again irish wolfhound. so cute! love the expressive faces.

Irish wolfhounds The Irish Wolfhound is a breed of domestic dog, specifically a sighthound. The name originates from its purpose (wolf hunting with dogs) rather than from its appearance. Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest of dog breeds.

Irish Wolfhound. I think I would like one of these if I were a dog person!!!

"Irish Wolfhound *Mac* at the kitchen door." ---- [Photo by rob.brob - June 21 when i get one of these bad boys, i'm going to call him galahad!

My new puppy! 6 months this month, Irish wolfhound and Border Collie mix :) Cutie pie.

My new puppy! 6 months this month, Irish wolfhound and Border Collie mix :) (NOT my new puppy ~ whomever pinned this pin originally )

Ch.Loneoak Grady At Mistyglen4 by sibsgraphics.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Photo I took in the fog of my Irish Wolfhound "Ch.Loneoak Grady At Mistyglen" aka "Grady". Currently Irish Wolfhound In Canada Ch.Loneoak Grady At