Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow: one of the best characters ever

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What kind of Pirate loving girl would I be if I didn't mention the famous caption Jack Sparrow. I love the character, but his costumes are some of the best pirate costumes I've seen.

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' Costume designed by Penny Rose.

Jack Sparrow - The Real & The Imposter <3 2012 Halloween Costume Contest yay we made it on the costume contest page!!

Jack Sparrow - The Real & The Imposter - Halloween Costume Contest at

For a glamorous spin off of Johnny Depp's grungy, Jack Sparrow style, add a few gypsy-like finishing touches (think glittering smoky eye or a few, faux piercings) to top off the look.

⚔⚔ My Halloween tutorial is now up on my channel! Because who doesn't wanna be a grungy,glam, rum drinking pirate? ✨ Inspired by fortune teller! Link to watch is in my bio ▶️