A visual guide to Walt and Jesse's relationship in Breaking Bad

The Walt-Jesse Connection: How Breaking Bad All Comes Down to Two

Jane from Breaking Bad

Krysten Ritter as Jane Margolis - landlady to Jesse/ tattoo artist/ recovering addict MY GURL

“Jesse and Jane”.  Digital artist Isabella Morawetz has captured some of the most emotionally intense moments from the show, Breaking Bad.

This Stunning "Breaking Bad" Artwork Will Make You Miss It All Over Again

Talented Australian artist Isabella Morawetz created these awesome digital illustrations inspired by the cult TV show Breaking Bad. More Breaking Bad art via Ian Brooks

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Bad Man Rising: Walter White's Lowest Lows on 'Breaking Bad'


Krysten Ritter in "Breaking Bad"

Jesse and Jane- Breaking Bad. Totally heartbreaking moment when he was giving her CPR.

Help A Friend In Need (Without Drugs)

Breaking Bad. I cried during this scene. Such great acting. Best tv series ever. Sad "all bad things must come to an end"

Farewell letter from

Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad. One of my all time favorite characters....you're not the bad guy :(

he's like the nice guy who gets corrupted and turned into a bad-ish guy, but at least he takes emotional responsibility for his actions more than Walter does.

Breaking Bad Writers Discuss Jane's Overdose Scene

Breaking Bad Writers Discuss Jane's Overdose Scene