Japanese Cherry Blossom Themed Wedding - http://fabyoubliss.com/2014/09/26/pink-and-brown-japanese-cherry-blossom-themed-wedding

Pink and Brown Japanese Cherry Blossom Themed Wedding

Japanese Art Deco Cake with cranes and cherry blossoms-love this minus the cranes

Japanese Art Deco cake – The cake reflects the vintage kimonos worn by the bride& attendants and the Art Deco theme of the couple& reception.

Sakura wedding by Olga - http://cakesdecor.com/cakes/210292-sakura-wedding

Sakura wedding - Asian themed wedding required Asian style cake, hence 3 tiered Sakura blossom cake with glowing separators.

Hand-painted Japanese wedding cake with cranes and flowers in light blue and red.  Hate the cake topper on this one.

"Painted Japanese wedding cake - My Japanese-themed wedding cake for a contest. I won second prize! The cakes are painted with cocoa butter, with details from authentic Japanese kimonos.