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A recent article on car spoilers from Quora (“The best answer to any question”) was reposted on Oppositelock and its author called the Superbird wing “idiotically-ineffective” and “dumb” because he does not understand how it works. His answer was dumb.

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Redneck-------->>>you know folks make fun of rednecks but let me tell you this.real country rednecks can survive anywhere with anything. I'll take a real country redneck anyday over a stuffy city folk.

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DNA Test: "Need some money for DNA test my girlfriend might be my sister" Found this guy in Vegas

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Funny Memes My agriculture teacher wants everyone to bring in a jar of dirt to school tomorrow.

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Some are classic lines, some are just badass lines, and others are quotes I use regularly.

Al is telling the truth. For all the husbands of the world!!

Funny pictures about Classic Al Bundy. Oh, and cool pics about Classic Al Bundy. Also, Classic Al Bundy.