Professional Soccer player Hope Solo contributes two things to America: looking hot and being a good athlete.

Rand Paul shatters left-right paradigm, can help grow GOP Beltway critics insist that Sen. Paul’s libertarianism limits him.

For instance: If you are a captain of industry and wish to kill your employees, the Libertarians will leave you alone. If you are the child of working-class parents and seek the government's help in redressing the grievance of you parents being murdered by their employer, the Libertarians will say, "You're on your own."


Libertarians Diligently plotting to take over hte World and leave you alone.

The AIP in California chose to nominate someone else for that role. His name is Dr. Robert Ornelas of Anaheim, CA. I’m still getting to know him myself, so I haven’t made any public comments as yet, until this post.  But my brief conversations with Mr. Ornelas so far leave me deeply impressed with his principles and character.    And it appears that he may well be able to provide the opening into the Los Angeles area that we must have to really take it to Obama.

Ron Paul, Ralph Nader set to announce combined 2012 presidential ticket

Smaller government means more opportunity for everyone involved. Gary Johnson, 2016.

Smaller government means more opportunity for everyone involved. Gary Johnson, Republican vs democrat , the never ending war, no one is going to win.

Vote Libertarian, mongloids!

MassPrivateI: Citizens arrested before they commit FUTURE CRIMES receive 'enhanced prosecution'

Medicare and Medicaid: Where the Money Goes | Online MPA Degrees #Infographic

Medicare is a health program for the elderly, 65 years and older, that is funded through payroll taxes. Medicaid is medical insurance for low income families.

I'm ashamed of BOTH parties. If the GOP doesn't get behind Trump, Killary will continue obama's destruction of America.

Time for Americans to take their country back. For too long now it's been either United States of Democrat or United States of Republican.

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....... remember Herman Cain. I know he ran as a republican but I think he was one of best libertarians since Harry Browne. Let's face it most Americans aren't going to vote in a third party regardless of what they stand for.

Not considered a candidate because he'll never be a puppet for big government. least respected. As for me and my house, we vote RON PAUL

If you wanted to omit every part of American history that painted America in a negative light it would literally be: Won freedom from Britain, winning side in WW1, winning side in WW2, won "space race"...and that's it.

How Texas' School Board Tried to Pretend Slavery Never Happened and Why Your Kid's School May Be Next

❥ Common Core~ The Freemasons actually starting 'rewriting' history around to suit their own agenda. History books, MSM News, so much BullShTT.

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Marijuana Company Names Ex-New Mexico Governor Its CEO