The many faces of Joker

This was done a while ago, just recently had it scanned and I haven't posted anything for a few months With all of the Joker artwork done, there doesn't. Send in the Clowns

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Jared Leto's Joker - Suicide Squad A more psychopathic version of Joker, definitely unique and controversial.

Harley Quinn (Clásica)•

Worlds Finest Comic Art — jeffrymazon: Hey Everyone! Painted Harley as.

Badass joker art


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My posters smell like you and all my photographs, they are still young. I pretend I'm not hurt and go about the world like I'm having fun. I sing the body electric. Mary prays the rosary for my broken mind.  I sing the body electric. Mary's swaying softly to her heart's delight.

"Why are you so serious?" The movie Dark Night is my favorite movie. I liked Joker rather than Batman. When Joker said "Why are you so serious" I felt this movie is going to be famous.