Jolly Rancher EDIBLE Shot Glasses - These are PERFECT for New Year's Eve!! These candy shot glasses will make your next party a huge hit!!

Jolly Rancher Shot Glasses - these Jolly Rancher Shot glasses are an edible shot that you can drink from then eat! Such a fun DIY party idea!

Jolly Rancher Vodka is so easy to make, and tastes just like the candy. Get the tutorial at

Making Jolly Rancher vodka is an easy, quick infusion with this step by step photo tutorial. Tastes just like the candy, and makes a great gift.

How To Make Jolly Rancher Shot Glass

How To Make Jolly Rancher Shot Glass-Jolly Rancher Shots

Want to Know how to make Jolly Rancher Shot Glass Edibles! These jolly rancher shots are Great for Parties or as a gift.

All you need is a silicone shot glass mold, a handful of Jolly Ranchers, an oven, and nine minutes.

Edible Jolly Rancher Shot Glasses Are Surprisingly Easy to Make

Princess Pinky Girl's candy shot glasses look way harder to make than they are.

Jolly Rancher Edible Shot Glasses  -Jolly Rancher candy: pick your favorite color (around 13-14 per glass) -Silicon shot glass mold   RECIPE IS ON THE BLOG; FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW!!

Jolly Rancher Edible Shot Glasses -Jolly Rancher candy: pick your favorite color…

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Jolly Rancher Slush Shots

Get crazy with our Jolly Rancher Slush Shots! Our Jolly Rancher Slush Shots are made with Jolly Ranchers, Svedka Vodka, and Pucker! Make Jolly Rancher Shot Cups