When you thought Joshua couldn't get more perfect and then he goes and does THIS. Like wow okay I didn't need my heart. #seventeen #joshua #jisoo

This is acutally Vernon (joshua packed his too) but awe this makes me love them even

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Holy Jisoo y have u betrayed Svt? when you thought you could trust your american friend to tell you if your shirt was embarassing

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Why are there so many bts memes with a hashtag to stan Monsta X? People complain all the time that ARMYs post on other people's stuff not relating to BTS, and yet Monsta X fans can do it and it's fine?

Sarcasm...When you use English to your evil advantage.

When you use English to your evil advantage. << This is why Joshua is climbing up my bias list.

1) Joshua vernon 2) seungkwan and Mingyu 3) Jeonghan Dino 4) wonwoo 5) scoups Mingyu 6) all of them rip me 7) NONE OF THEM THEY ARE MY CHILDREN


In every group tho: Exo, BTS, you name it *looks over at Monsta X* yeah, you too

#seventeen #joshua #jisoo (me *in Mark Tuan's voice*: Jisoo, why you gotta be like this?

ohhh yah hes the dude who knows 5 languages from weekly idol! 《Summary 《Hoshi: Korean 《Joshua: No. *proceeds to speak in 4 other languages》