Juan Salgado. AKA The best! I want a tattoo made by him!

AKA The best! I want a tattoo made by him!

epicand the best cover up tattoo by Juan Salgado                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A cover-up tattoo is the best way to hide your tattoo, and this tattoo cover up by Juan Salgado is by far one of the best cover up tattoo you will ever see.

Juan Salgado - Phoenix Leg Sleeve. I just got some of his fusion inks and I am super impressed with them. Easy and quick flow rate into the skin. Awesome.

This peacock tattoo design uses human eyes to emphasize the way that peacock feathers resemble eyes « « Ratta Tattoo

Here’s one mandala tattoo by Juan Salgado. Sick as always! Puerto Rican Tattoo Scene. #tattoo #tattoos #ink

"Mandala” is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle”. Circles are at the heart of mandala tattoo, even a square or triangle seems to dominate.

Paradise Tattoo Gathering : Tattoos : Juan Salgado : Radiant Garuda

by Juan Salgado at Color Conspiracy Tattoo Gallery in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dragonfly and Cherry Blossoms Tattoo - Juan Salgado http://tattoosflower.com/dragonfly-and-cherry-blossoms-tattoo-juan-salgado/

Dragonfly and Cherry Blossoms Tattoo - Juan Salgado - The Best Flower Tattoos

Juan Salgado - krishna tattoo

I eally Love this.Colorful Lord Krishna Hinduism Tattoo On Forearm By Jaun Salgado

Absolutely incredible "Sacred Chaos" cover-up by our inspiring friend @juan_salgado that has transformed and evolved during the last 10 months for this lucky #tattoo collector. As Juan says "Most times we're presented with obstacles that seem impossible to beat but there is always a way. Never underestimate patience and perseverance." A great message and a beautiful tattoo! Viva la Creativity! by outofstepbooks

The cover up skill of Juan Salgado manages to create the Black Tattoo Cover Up. And a wonderful geometry appeared on the place of the blackwork tattoo.

Juan Salgado - flying bird tattoo

I really looks like this bird wings are flapping. Tattoo by Juan Salgado - Custom Tattoos, P.