He has it all : the look, the british accent...

Jude Law and Natalie Portman's numbers found on eBay Blackberry

I would shit myself if I caught Jude Law staring at me like this.

merde-petit-maitre: “ Photography (Jude Law, backstage, for Dior, 2012 continuarte) ”

Blazer, check. Scarf, check.  Jude Law, check it out!

38 year old British actor Jude Law is definitely no stranger to the spotlight. A classic Brit with his beautiful features, Jude Law is an i.

Sienna Miller + Jude Law + Vespa. Need to see "Alfie" (2004) again.

Jude & Sienna: Shattered Love

In on/off couple Sienna Miller Jude Law got together on the set of the remake of the classic Alfie

JUDE LAW - Alfie AUTOGRAPH Signed 8x10 Photo

JUDE LAW - Alfie AUTOGRAPH Signed 8x10 Photo

A photo of the two "Alfies"- Michael Caine and Jude Law - by photographer David Bailey.

Michael Caine and Jude Law - joint potrait by David Bailey I like the way he makes the subject look interesting and natural.not just a standard posed portrait.

Jude. He thinks he's too old to play hearthrobs anymore, but he's still gorgeous.

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