Read from the story Razones para shippear Vkook/Taekook/Kookv by lxvekyu (bri) with reads. Taehyung siempre pone su cabeza en el h.

V and Jungkook ❤ BTS At The 31st Golden Disc Awards (170114) #BTS #방탄소년단

Read KOOV from the story Vkook/TaeKook Pictures by with reads.

Forever We Are Young BTS V JK

Read VKook from the story One shots; Bts boyxboy by JiminnieftYoonie (LoveIsNotOver.) with reads.perdona nuestras ofensas as.

"I'm not perfect but I am LIMITED edition"^_^  ~bts~vkook

"I'm not perfect but I am LIMITED edition"^_^ ~bts~vkook

BTS Jeon Jungkook // he was tearing my bias list apart this entire video (seeing that I stan all seven, that says a lot)


BTS REACTION: Scratching their back during sex So you having some sexy time and you chose to kink things up a little so you scratch his back as you orgasm.

BTS | Jk

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Jungkook é o garoto de segurar as bandeiras do país lol Mas podia tá segurando a do brasil