Jehovah's qualities! Wow! I needed this! Something to go through when I have my Personal Worship Night! #excited

"A list could be made of more than 40 different qualities of Jehovah." (Watchtower, June Qualities mentioned in the Publications Index under Jehovah: Qualities By Name.

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Only with Jehovah’s instruction was this ever possible, just imagine what Jehovah will do in the future.

Noah's ark, not the Hollywood version but as it was truly described in the Bible. Read it in your Bible at Genesis

As Jesus commanded all Christians, we will continue knocking and preaching until the end. Mathew 24:14 We want people to learn the A to the Q that they keep asking: "What is this world coming to?" Jehovah gives the answer - the answer is not a "mystery." We are doing what Jehovah's son did and taught his disciples to do. Jehovah Loves us but he does not need you or me in order for HIS will to take place. However we need him. Please listen while there is time. One day we will knock no more.

Matthew "And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. has the Bible in 700+ languages.

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The Lego movie We are becoming more and more well known!

Surprising where you see things, these carts and vans have only been around for a few of years but have been extremely effective in helping people get to know the truth about God and his word the bible.