Kathy Willets was busted for running a brothel at the Florida home she shared with her husband Jeff -- a deputy sheriff who was hiding in the closet, taking notes on all her encounters and videotaping some. Her attorney, Ellis Rubin, claimed Prozac had made her a nymphomaniac, and her husband's inability to keep up with her turned him impotent, so the prostitution was actually their sex therapy. She later became a porn star. (1991)

The Top Three Contenders for Weirdest Florida Story Ever

“They’re starting a weird news segment,” she said, “and .

genetics - ectrodactyly

Vintage photo of family suffering from genetic disorder

Action jeans!!!  Round house kick the shit out of someone in your Chuck Norris action jeans!

Vintage Chuck Norris Action Jeans Advertising - Ryan had a pair of these back in the day!

TV eye glasses - retro We've come a long way, baby!!!

TV Glasses Hugo Gernsback demonstrating his television goggles in 1963 for Life magazine

13 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today....these are crazy!!

13 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today

vintage everyday: Racism Has a Long History in Advertising. Here are 15 Shockingly Racist Vintage Ads

The Absolute Best Of "Florida Man"

49 Crazy Headlines That Could Only Be Created by Florida Man - Mic

September 18, 1929. "Lindbergh & wife." Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, four months after they married. WTF ?!?!!

TRAIN YOUR WIFE vintage poster. Learn to Train your wife in five easy lessons.Free booklet shows you how. She is also naked under her apron.

Incredible Photos of the Real People Who Inspired American Horror Story: Freak Show | moviepilot.com

American Horror Story Freak Show: Photos Of The Real Life Inspiration

Image: Elevator car park (© FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Image) Parallel parking. An elevator parking lot in early 1920s hoisted cars on individual platforms to save space.

Vertical parking, This was an “elevator garage” in Chicago, 33 W. It held up to 48 cars. Workers simply drove into the elevator car, parked in their sky-high slots, then walked along the fire escape to their offices.

The Ladyäó»s Future- Marmont Hill

The Lady's Future

Anthology - Manowar  This album was actually realeased in 1997.

Find a Manowar - Anthology first pressing or reissue. Complete your Manowar collection.

Any real captains

funny quotes, it is not the size of the ship or the motion of the ocean, its whether or not the captain stays in port long enough to get all the passengers off, sexy quotes - Dump A Day

WWI facial prosthesis.

WWI facial prosthesis - because of trench warfare, so many wounds were to the head and face. Before plastic surgery was common, doctors and artists worked together to give returning young soldiers a way to fit back into society.

Get her what she wants - what she really, really wants...

10 vintage Christmas adverts that wouldn't fly today

Get Mother What she REALLY want this Christmas! A Colt . Funny and Disturbing Vintage Advertising. Only in America !

Lina Medina is the youngest documented mother in human history, giving birth at the age of five.  Lina was born with a rare condition called "precocious puberty." Precocious puberty is basically the early onset of sexual development. Lina had experienced her first menstrual cycle at the age of eight months. She had fully developed breasts by the age of four.

Youngest girl to ever give birth, Lina Medina. She was 5 years, 7 months and 21 days old when she gave birth to a baby boy in The doctor is her son's namesake, Gerardo. It's still a mystery as to who impregnated her.