Deluxe Reinforced Rasin Kendo Do [Blue Stone]

Deluxe Reinforced Rasin Kendo Do [Blue Stone]

Kendo - I am nice if you are.

thekimonogallery: “ Kendo, meaning Way of the Sword, is a Japanese martial art which descended from Kenjutsu ”

Once my sensei told me, you can win shiai if you know the essences of kirikaeshi and master it. Years forward, still can't :P

I am not as familiar with kendo as I may seem- such as this basic principle.

kendo poster | The Basics of Kendo by waterostrich on deviantART

Basics of Kendo informational poster. All Vector Art Typeface: Baskerville Regular EDIT: Uploaded version 2 of this poster to add clarity to the target . The Basics of Kendo

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meaning "way of the sword" - a modern Japanese martial art of sword fighting based on the traditional Kenjutsu swordsmanship skill which originated with the samurai class of feudal Japan.

ART OF KENDO - drawings by Alicja Cioch, via Behance

Series of drawings in mixed media illustrating Japanese martial art - Kendo

Kendo information for people who practice the Way of the Sword

Spread the love Mixed martial arts is a combat sport that includes the striking and grappling techniques that are mingled from a variety

kendo, a Japanese sport/martial art! ☆  ☆ Kendo literally means "Way of the Sword".  Sharing the Worldwide JapanLove ♥ ♥

( ゚▽゚)/ Today’s かっこいい lesson is about kendo, a Japanese sport/martial art! ☆ ☆ Kendo literally means “Way of the Sword”. ☆ The protective armor used in kendo is called bōgu/kendōgu. ☆ The size and weight of the shinai.