John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. There was no electricity, only candles, so romantic.

10 Great Wedding Kisses

honestly, what i think of when i think of my wedding. one of my all time favorite wedding dress! ----- JFK jr & Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, dress by Narciso Rodriguez, photo by Denis Reggie 1996

Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Jr. was the eldest of 9 children of Rose and Joseph Kennedy. Born July 25, 1915, died in combat over East Suffolk, UK, on August 12, 1944.

United States World War II Navy pilot. He was the oldest son of Kennedy Family patriarch Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr. and his wife, Rose Fitzgerald, and the brother of American politicians John Fitgerald, Robert Francis and Edward

John F. Kennedy Jr. - November 1963..There Are No Words...The Salute Says It All...America Was Heartbroken..

John F. - November 1963 - Time Magazine cover when JFK Jr, wife and sister-in-law were lost at sea.

JFK Jr. - my life long crush and birthday mate.

Grading 26 Years Of People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive"

Caroline Kennedy kisses her new baby brother, John F. Kennedy, Jr. (known as John-John)

Fallen son: John F. Kennedy Jr.

Caroline Kennedy, kissing her baby brother, John F Kennedy Jr, Palm Beach, Florida

Father and son: John F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr.                                   WOW!

Father and son: John F. Kennedy and John F. What's so cool is the way you can totally see Jackie in JFK jr .

John F. Kennedy Jr., "America's Prince", pray for us John, that we can carry on the tradition of being brave & free in this land of the U.S.A. despite the Government and narrow minded fearful people's attempts to stifle us.

Kennedy Jr - Son of the late president, John was a passionate philanthropist, John volunteered with several nonprofit's and sat on the board of several family foundations.

Three-year-old John F. Kennedy Jr. salutes his father’s casket  in Washington on Nov. 25, 1963, three days after the president  was assassinated in Dallas. His widow Jacqueline Kennedy (center)  and daughter Caroline were accompanied by the late president’s  brothers Edward and Robert.

November The funeral of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Jacqueline Kennedy and JFK had been married for 10 years.

John Kennedy Jr & Carolyn Bessette Wedding. I never saw this particular picture and just love the simplicity of the church. Gone way too soon:(

John and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Wedding on Cumberland Island, GA Sept 40 guests attended. No electricity. Only candles & oil lamps

C'est Ma Vie: John F. Kenndey Jr. and Carolyn Bessette, The Life, The Love, The Tragedy

Schoonheid, The Kennedy Legacy — Power couple: Hollywood Icon Daryl Hannah and.