Mother's Day Tattoo. Eventually add anchor for stability and key for home.

Tattoo Heart with ribbon and the word mom . Old school retro vector illustration .

One love one heart lock and key couple tattoo

40 Inspirational Creative Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women

Skeleton Key tattoo ideas... 2-3 skeleton keys on a ring on my palm maybe

I can start my tattoo sleeve of skeleton keys! Skeleton Key- some of these would make good tattoos. I love the intricate ones with. "You will always hold a key to my heart" "Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.

Keep your love under lock and key. | 33 Impossibly Sweet Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas You'll Want To Say "I Do" To

Keep your love under lock and key.

If you're a couple looking for inspiration and ideas for your wedding ring tattoos, we have 148 wedding ring tattoo ideas that will make you ditch the ring.

Heart padlock, chain, and key w name tattoo - 50 Inspiring Lock and Key Tattoos | Art and Design

50 Inspiring Lock and Key Tattoos

blood lock skeleton key tattoo

skeleton key and heart lock tattoo design. want some sort of key and lock possibly half sleeve?

wing heart lock rose tattoo flash

Damn this is beautiful! wing heart lock rose tattoo flash I would love this on my inner wrist

Tattooed girl. #tattoo #tattoos #ink

I like this heart shaped lock as a possible cover up to my existing heart tattoo

Key to my heart. Maybe with 3 keys for each of the kids who have a key to my heart...   Next tattoo idea.. ?!

Heart Locket to be incorporated somehow. I may also get the skeleton key with the skull instead of the heart for the fact of the theme of the tattoo (life and death). The only thing to take from this design is the locket and keys not the swirly stuff.

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I've always had a little fascination for Heart-keys. Will have a tattoo one day with a Heart-key :)