I'm officially obsessed with Kid Icarus after playing Uprising. I can't stop drawing Pit, and this is what happens when you don't stop after 20 . Kid Icarus: 50 Faces of Pit Sketches

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This meme is unbelievably accurate to the game. It's unbelievably accurate to my life as well. Wouldn't it be nice to just be a tree?

This is very accurate. And they did it in a most incredible and hilarious way, almost every mission ^-^.

Fourth wall? What fourth wall? Ahahaha you must be imagining things. This is Kid Icarus you clearly don't know how this works.

Palutena-Kid Icarus: Uprising. I LOVE this game.

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Fan art of Pit and Dark Pit. The background add highlights to the scene, and the detail with Pit and Dark Pit is great.